Quality Portable Cross Country Fences Built to Last
About us and our jumps
Jump Co

We are based on the Kent / Sussex border and deliver nationwide. We supply individuals, pony clubs, riding centres, schools, competition venues and course designers. With a wealth of eventing experience behind us we believe that we understand the needs of both the horse and rider.



Frightened by the build quality of the portable XC fences we saw being supplied to private individuals, pony clubs and in some cases competition events, we set up to build a quality product that would last and more importantly be safe in the event of a fall. A portable cross-country jump must be built to withstand the impact of a horse landing on it with its full force. If it does not the result could be fatal. British Eventing offers guidelines on their construction that we strictly adhere to and normally exceed.


Finish Quality

It does not take much to finish off a jump when you want them to look good. We take time to add the finishing touches, rounding off a sharp edge or covering some of the more unsightly structural parts of the jump can give a much better show and presentation whether it is at home or part of an event course.



All our jumps are made from pressure treated timber minimising rot and decay. Most joints and attachments are made with the use of rust resistant screws adding to the jumps inherent strength. We rarely use nails as they can loosen relatively quickly.



Not only does the jump need to be strong enough to take a horse landing on it, it also needs to be able to put up with the inevitable rough handling it will get during itís life. The majority of the damage caused to them is during their transport and it is with this in mind that we design them with extra bracing and struts giving them a much longer lifespan than those without.

That little bit extra makes all the difference!

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